Much-loved British pop band Scouting For Girls return, with their third album ‘The Light Between Us’, released on 3rd September 2012, preceded by first single ‘Summertime In The City’ on 26th August 2012.
‘The Light Between Us’ is an album full of love songs recorded in 10 studios across the world with 5 producers, and has been 2 years in the making.

Roy Stride comments on the beginning of the recording process saying: “We wanted to make an album with a concept behind it, we tried but the songs were rubbish, so we decided to write an album of singles instead!

I’m counting on the song bringing the sun out. Imagine it as a telethon. The more people play it, the more the sun will shine. If it’s a hit, we’ll reach our target of endless glorious days. We could end up with an Indian Summer that lasts until November.”