Scottish-Born Artist KIRSTY GRANT Shares GIVE & TAKE

It’s a Clean & Modern Pop Production from a Rising Star

By Vee D

Based in London but originally from Scotland, Kirsty Grant has an incredible knack for creating lush, effervescent pop bangers. Her new single Give & Take showcases precisely why she’s tipped as one of the most exciting new artists in pop at the moment.

The new single is pure, unapologetic pop bliss – Rich in influences from across the dance music spectrum. It’s a track that’s certain to land with the TikTok generation, with plenty of upbeat sensibilities.

Speaking on the new single she states: “This track was written back in 2019, and really reflects a situation that I think is so relatable. I’m sure that everyone has felt like this at some point in their life, wherein a relationship, you know that you’re treating someone like it’s their birthday every day, and do all you can for them, but all they do is take. Lyrics like “been serving on a gold plate” really stand out to me, as you can give them your all, but they never would do the same for you. It’s the realization that even though you love someone, it doesn’t always mean that they are good for you. I hope when people listen, they feel empowered. It’s good to put yourself first, and even be selfish at times in order to be happy.”