SCOTT HELMAN Releases Awesome Long-Player NONSUCH PARK

By Holly Frith

Released today via Warner Music Canada is the eleven-track LP Nonsuch Park from the incredible Scott Helman. Having been noticed at just 15, he has gone on to drop singles like Everything Sucks, Wait No More and the most recent Papa. His new project is dedicated to his grandfather, and features seven exclusive tracks that perfectly reflect his artistic and creative sound.

Helman explains: “This album is mostly about me – my changes, my growth, my hardships, my celebrations, my fears, my courage and my love. If each person has a sanctuary within – a place they can return to where things make sense, where the tides are kind, where colours are bright and their lives feel meaningful – I think we all have a physical destination too where those things manifest. For me that place was the large park just down the road from my Papa’s house in Sutton, UK – Nonsuch Park. It was here where we would walk and cackle at awful jokes, lean in for the stories, make peace with our busy lives and draw meaning from the lessons we had learned since our last visit (made all the more powerful by the fact that we only had a couple more days together).”

You can hear the gorgeous Nonsuch Park right here.