School Disco unleashes a call to arms titled ‘Denton Rock’

This is School Disco at their most politically relevant, using their music to address the pressing concerns of today's generation. 
19 September 2023

Brighton’s Garage band rockers, School Disco, are back with a vengeance. After sharing stages with renowned acts like Wolf Alice, Froth, Lime Garden, and Frankie and the Witch Fingers, the band unleash their highly anticipated album, Denton Rock.

Hailing from Brighton via Plymouth and formed in 2016, School Disco draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including the likes of Black Sabbath and CAN. Their lyrical themes are equally eclectic, with nods to sci-fi literature and the eerie allure of HP Lovecraft’s tales.

Their new album, Denton Rock, was recorded at Sour Grapes Records in Denton, Manchester, and its arrival is heralded by the teaser single Feelings Coming. This track immediately grabs your attention with its gritty instrumentals, trypophobic visuals, and Ian Curtis-esque vocals that add depth and intrigue. 

Rory, the band’s vocalist, shared his thoughts on the creative journey behind it: Denton Rock is an album I take immense pride in. With an entirely new lineup, we seamlessly found our rhythm while performing fresh tracks and reinterpreting our classics during live performances. We booked out a studio in Manchester that our friends have, and we managed to get down 90% of the album in 3 days. We all really hit a groove and it was such a fun creative process with everyone down to get experimental and use the studios as a big playground.”

The album’s nine tracks delve into overt narratives, tackling political issues head-on. Songs like King, Crying Beats, and Master Of Disguise explore themes such as governmental failure, environmentalism, and the struggles of the working class. This is School Disco at their most politically relevant, using their music to address the pressing concerns of today’s generation. 

Rory further emphasizes the album’s political undercurrent, stating, “This album has some quite strong political feelings in it having been written over the past couple of  years and over a period where we have had a number of terrible prime ministers and ironically no change to the regime. They almost feel like mythical beasts to me in a number of ways. A larger than-life caricature. They have a disregard for anyone but them self and a general lack of awareness of others. I feel they have failed us in so many ways whether it be LGBTQ+ issues, Environmental  issues, immigration, helping the working-class people, asylum seekers, cost of living crisis, heating  and more”

Featuring politically charged themes, gritty instrumentals, and thought-provoking lyrics, this call to arms from a generation that refuses to be ignored demands our full attention.

Upcoming Live Dates (supports, festivals and headline shows):
Sept 23rd – Hotbox – Chelmsford (support)
September 24th – Glastonbury Psych Fest (2nd Billing)
Sept 28th – The Cornish Bank – Falmouth (headline)
Sept 29th – The Laines – Bristol (Support)
Oct 11th – Prince Albert -Brighton (Hometown Headline)