Scarlett Lee unveils ‘One For You’. A ballad of heartbreak and healing

"When I woke up with those lyrics repeating in my head, I realised that music was my therapy"
6 March 2024
Photo by Megsy Peters

Scarlett Lee, a talent previously illuminated by the public eye, introduces One For You, a deeply personal track born from her own emotional journey. Collaborating with industry talents including Grammy Award-winning mixer Oli Jacobs and mastering by Nomograph, Lee crafts a ballad that’s both haunting and beautiful, highlighting her exceptional vocal ability and emotional lyricism.

This single represents a significant milestone for Lee, symbolizing her growth both musically and personally. Stemming from a painful break-up and subsequent struggles with anxiety and depression, One For You is Lee’s cathartic masterpiece, reminding us of her capability to transform adversity into art. Her history of performing alongside notable artists and at significant venues underscores her profound talent and resilience.

Lee’s candidness about her personal struggles enriches One For You with an authentic emotional depth. She shares: “When I woke up with those lyrics repeating in my head, I realised that music was my therapy. This song for me specifically highlights the fact that we all go through difficult things in life and there are many battles so many of us have to face along the way, but it’s how we use these situations to turn it into something beautiful that truly matters.”

Lee’s journey from Surrey to the spotlight has been marked by determination and transformation. Following her initial setback on The X Factor in 2017, Lee made a triumphant return in 2018, winning over audiences and setting the stage for her burgeoning career. Now, Lee not only demonstrates her remarkable vocal talent but also advocates for mental health and body confidence, serving as an advocate for those without a voice.

Now managed by Jeff Powell at Big Hug Management, Lee is poised for her next challenge on American Idol Season 7, a dream she’s harbored since childhood. Scarlett Lee’s narrative is one of overcoming, evolving, and embracing the future with an open heart, ready for whatever lies ahead.