It’s that time of year again when ghost and ghouls come out to play and all things creepy are cool again. Time to indulge in your sweet tooth and fire up ye olde Netflix machine for a horror movie marathon.

And, because we know you’re very busy, here are our top tips for getting into the spooky spirit these next two weeks without cramping your style AND with minimal effort required.

Pumpkins and gourds are plentiful at farmer’s markets and are a timeless staple of homely Halloween decor. Try carving shapes like stars from cookie cutters for an elegant look, or group a family of assorted sizes, some dead leaves and fall flowers and drape them with string lights in a corner. Too lazy even for that? Simply scatter those gorgeous gourds around your home in their natural state. Pro tip: the seeds toasted with salt and chilli powder make a great snack.

Hosting an elegant Halloween bash? Vintage candle sticks give a sophisticated, gothic air, while dried dead leaves and melancholy flower petals sprinkled on the table add Autumnal warmth.

Check out vintage and second hand clothing stores for items to put together for an easy and affordable yet killer costume. Bloody bride anyone? Some other favourites that you can put together from items in yours or a friend’s closet include: a French mime, Wednesday or Morticia Addams, and Detective Sherlock Holmes. Still stuck at the last minute? A ghost from a white sheet is an eternal classic, or take it one step further and make it a glam ghost, by piling on the jewellery and adding false eyelashes and red lipstick.

Printable paper banners in black and white are a frugal DIY decor that anyone can do and look great, such as this free one from The Painted Hinge (although some basic scissors skills may be required!).

Craft some creepy cocktails to go with your candy. These blood orange margaritas from are just one idea from a wide range of Halloween themed drinks you can mix at home for an easy and tasty splash of drama. Wicked!

And of course, don’t forget a petrifying playlist to get everyone in a monster mashing mood. Check out FM’s Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist for inspiration below!…Happy Halloween!

By Fiona Feeney