Scandi-Pop Riser JENS Is Up All Night On NOCTURNAL

A Rising Star in Norway for all the Right Reasons

Fast becoming the next big name in Scandi-Pop world domination, Norwegian singer-songwriter Jens is a powerhouse of pop production. Since launching his project in 2018 with ‘Mixtape’, the talented young Norwegian has seen a meteoric rise off the back of his charismatic, off-kilter pop anthems.

Growing up in Bergen, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a lack of musical opportunity in the rainy city. However, Norway’s music scene has been responsible for some massive artists in recent years and their investment in the arts is world-renowned. It’s this fertile ground that’s lead to jens scoring a #2 Billboard pop charts hit with ‘Mixtape’ and going on to support from 22 New Music Friday playlists across the globe.

The new single Nocturnal showcases even further his impeccable pop songwriting ability. Upbeat and beautifully simplistic in it’s delivery – Nocturnal is an undeniable pop banger