Sautereau’s Top 5 Influences Playlist

"There’s just a flow and easiness that Del Water Gap has with words that hits me right at the core, every time."
31st March 2022

By Vee D

Storytelling Swiss singer-songwriter Sautereau (how’s that for alliteration?) released her indie-pop single ‘What If? this January, a head-bopping tune that’s truly refreshing in its simplicity, with earnestly sweet vocals floating atop acoustic strums. Sautereau (the artist’s last name and stage name), is currently based in New York, and this week shares her top five musical influences.

Sautereau’s Top 5 Influences Playlist

I Don’t Miss You At All – FINNEAS

I’ve always loved the wit in these lyrics, and FINNEAS’ word choice in general. It’s honest, unapologetic, but playful all at once. Musically he’s turned all that’s retro into something modern and refreshing. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite song from him…

Jessie Reyez – I DO

There’s an intricacy to her music and this song in particular that just hits. She balances minimal grandiose so meticulously and effectively. The beat, the kick this song has just grabbed me from the inside. And the words… – It feels like the voice in my head just brought to life with such vulnerability and power at the same time. She’s created an artistic universe of her own that’s really inspiring to me.

Perfume – Del Water Gap

There’s just a flow and easiness that Del Water Gap has with words that hits me right at the core, every time. The guitar being so present and carrying the song is something I really identify with… It just keeps you going and the story he’s telling as well. There’s a nonchalance to his music that’s sexy and the energy that comes from it is oh so inviting.

Poor Boy – CARR

I’ve always admired the rawness in her voice and the music itself. I’m always looking to blend very acoustic sounds with pop so I’ve identified with hers a lot.

Peer Pressure – James Bay & Julia Michaels

Two of my favorite songwriters ever. There’s undeniable tension that’s mingled with softness and simplicity. They can fit any amount of words in a line and seamlessly so, which has inspired a lot of the conversational nature of my own writing. I love both their respective EPs a lot. There’s an implicit sensuality that emanates from it that I love.


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