For You is a poignant single from the folk-acoustic songstress Saskia, who has recently returned from tours of the US and Germany. The former Harley Street therapist has been on the acoustic circuit in London for many years now and has built a hugely loyal following through her hypnotic melodies and lyrical narratives.

The single was recorded in partnership with Music For Mental Wealth in Abbey Road’s famous Studio 2, alongside a 40 person strong choir and a string quartet. Having raised £8,000 for the track through crowdfunding, Saskia’s music has garnered the support of Arts Council England, RnR Magazine, Sky TV and Music Republic. 

The session was filled with attendees who had travelled across the UK and from mainland Europe, with one attendee Molly Hill turning the age of 10 on December 6th – the day of release.

Music For Mental Wealth is a charity that looks to empower artists and companies within music, to aid in the prevention of mental health challenges. You can visit their website for more information: