Sarina’s ‘Yu-Utsu na Michi (Melancholy Roads)’ is a wickedly captivating alt-pop gem

"Sometimes, the passion that burns inside you is so bright that it blinds you to the solitude of life."
28th January 2023

Sarina, the Tokyo-based alt-pop artist, is seriously talented, got great singing techniques, and also plays her own accompaniment which adds a whole new level of life to her performances. She knows exactly how to keep her audience engaged with every story she tells. Sarina has a wickedly captivating alt-pop sound.

Recently, the young Sony-Japan artist dropped the bilingual jam Yu-Utsu na Michi’ (Melancholy Roads), which is a sweetly catchy anthem to motivate people to stay on top of their goals no matter how frightening or isolated they may feel. The track’s a great blend of dreamy sound effects and catchy guitar chords, it’s got that feel to it like you’d find from artists like Ellie Goulding and maybe Avril Lavigne.

Sarina did an awesome job and worked her magic to bring the new single to life from its artwork to the anime and gaming-inspired music video, plus everything else in between.

Sarina explored her song’s purpose in more depth and opened up about her journey: “‘Yu-Utsu na Michi’ is a free fall of a daydream that leaves your reality forever changed. Sometimes, the passion that burns inside you is so bright that it blinds you to the solitude of life. It is beautiful and warm and crackles with the promise of what you could be. For me, the road I followed while chasing my dreams often led to isolation. The joy of what I can glow alongside the loneliness of the beautiful but lonesome world.”

She’s an absolute wizard when it comes to music – playing instruments like the ukulele, guitar, and piano, and singing at the same time. Her repertoire also includes drums and violin!

Her music journey has been incredible since she started posting songs on Instagram – with her videos getting an amazing 2.5 million views. With this success, she continued to make waves with the release of ‘Identity’ and ‘Atlas’.

She was born in Hawaii back in 2002 to a Japanese dad and a Lebanese mom. Ever since, she’s been developing a dedicated fanbase due to her amazing abilities in music, theater, and arts

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