Sarah Krimson shares her personal and emotional song ‘Spine’ with her EP ‘Urban Melancholia’

"It's about finding myself after years of searching”
19 April 2023

London-based singer-songwriter Sarah Krimson has been pouring her heart and soul into crafting music that reflects her life experiences and connects with a wide variety of people. Her latest EP Urban Melancholia and her single, Spine, are a testament to her exceptional creativity. Her captivating lyrics and musical compositions are sure to be treasured.

Her new 6-track EP Urban Melancholia has an alt-pop feel with mysterious and romantic undertones, which will grab the listener’s attention right away. “‘Urban Melancholia’ – states Sarah Krimson – is about finding myself after years of searching,”

The EP’s sound incorporates various musical instruments, ranging from synth and piano to violin, guitar and the traditional Japanese Koto.

Her captivating and emotive vocals bring each of the six tracks to life in a special way. The entire project has a captivating atmosphere that evokes a sense of engagement and strength for all those involved.

In Urban Melancholia, the Italian artist recounts her raw personal journey of moving to London for the first time and the emotions she encountered along the way. Despite being out of her comfort zone and facing difficulties with a lack of support from people around her, she perseveres and continues on her journey to make her dreams come true all by herself.

The EP’s main track Spine tells a sad story that highlights the emotions and complexity of an unhealthy relationship that endured for ten years. Sarah’s music beautifully articulates the suffering that accompanies codependency and a lack of self-love. The melodies she creates can tug at your heartstrings, and her lyrics eloquently express the hurt and pain of a given situation.

With just her guitar and innate skill, Sarah Krimson creates an enthralling story of ebbing emotion and the associated sorrow that comes along with it. Her songwriting is beautiful and many can relate to her lyrics, which compare the end of a relationship to the wilting of red roses. Sarah is healing from the heartbreak by embracing her creative passions – singing of “wrapping myself in endless roses” as a way to find comfort.

By including Italian lyrics in her song Spine, she was able to bring a unique perspective and various layers of meaning to the track. Incorporating creativity enriches the song and adds a lot of nuance to it. “E’ fatta di spine” she sings, translating to “It’s made out of thorns”. The clever duality of the title, referencing both its strength and pain, displays Sarah’s fluency in several languages and her knack for writing meaningful songs. The lyrics in this song speak to anyone who’s ever felt the anguish of being in a toxic relationship. It certainly has an emotional impact.

In 2015, she left Italy and journeyed to London in pursuit of her musical dreams. She worked with different producers since then and has had the opportunity to perform for many concerts and gigs in the city.

In 2021, Sarah Krimson released her debut EP, Burning London, which features records written by herself in the initial stages of her career. Since then, she has been working on her second EP, Urban Melancholia, with producers and artists in London and abroad.

We will be following Sarah Krimson‘s upcoming work and look forward to seeing it.

Photo by Gianluca Gattabria @avocacchio