By Vee D

The Life Is Not About Control music video by Sa’ra Charismata can be easily used as a guided therapy session. There is a peaceful momentum maintained throughout the video that lets the main message of the uplifting track shine. 

You can imagine yourself in Charismata’s shoes from the first scene and get into the main character she is portraying so well. As someone who emerged triumphant from dealing with depression and anxiety, Sa’ra Charismata practices the common phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, making Life Is Not About Control a silver lining in the face of adversity. 

Alongside the track’s powerful message, Life Is Not About Control music video radiates calm energy with two angel-embodying backup dancers. Using a field as her stage, Sa’ra Charismata performs songs’ encouraging words and empowers listeners to let go of any disheartening internalized demons. 

Mid-song change of outfits symbolizes Charismata’s process of taking her hands off the wheel and letting the universe take charge.  As a protest pop representative, the singer masters catchy pop hooks and blends them with elements of punk and hip-hop. From a confident, serious walk-through, Charismata breaks free and initiates a ‘dance it out’ moment. 

Swedish rising pop star Sa’ra Charismata excels at tapping into taboo topics, including mental health. Life Is Not About Control sets a prime example of her impressive skills as she delivers a vocal performance of her career.


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