Sara Beth Yurow shares debut EP ‘Mischievous’

" I strive to be honest in everything I write, and in a world that feels more and more plastic"
26 February 2024

The unapologetic arrival of a pop punk powerhouse

In a musical landscape yearning for genuine emotion and vibrant dynamism, Sara Beth Yurow shines brightly, offering pure and unbridled expression through her ​d​ebut EP, Mischievous. Bridging the emotional gaps between love, loneliness, and liberation, Yurow presents an introspective journey shaped by the turbulent times of the pandemic. This collection of songs not only introduces Yurow’s sparkling persona but also marks her as a significant new voice in the pop punk landscape.

Produced by the acclaimed Warner Songwriter and two-time Grammy Nominee Natalia Bortolotti, known for her work with industry giants like Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa, Mischievous is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity under constraint. Crafted during a period that has challenged artists worldwide, the EP emerges as a silver lining, channeling the collective angst and uncertainty into a compelling musical narrative.

The EP kicks off with Twenty One Night Stands, the song showcases Yurow’s ability to weave together strong bass lines with confident vocals, painting a portrait of transformation and redemption.

Yurow reveals: “Mischievous was written everywhere-on the 720 LA Metro going to Santa Monica, on Kalaniana’ole Hwy on my way to serve fast food to tourists, “Cuz I’m in Luv” even came to me in the shower! I strive to be honest in everything I write, and in a world that feels more and more plastic, I hope you feel as inspired to be raw and authentic listening to it as it empowers me to be.

Spin, the second track, sees Yurow collaborating with Bortolotti and Lisa Finkernagel to create a bold anthem that encapsulates the whirlwind of new love. This track is sure to strike a chord with anyone who has experienced the exhilarating peaks of romantic captivation.

In Don’t Wanna Be Strong, Yurow delves into a profound honesty, uncovering the fragility inherent in solitude and the longing for simplicity amid emotional chaos. This guitar-laden, angst-filled track resonates with those who have also desired to shed the burdens of insight and experience.

What About, a raw feminist ballad penned at just 16, confronts internal conflicts and societal expectations, showcasing Yurow’s early knack for introspection and lyrical prowess. It’s a song that many will find both haunting and relatable, bridging personal experience with broader themes of identity and self-perception.The EP culminates with Cuz I’m in Luv, where Yurow returns to her Hawaiian roots, blending the traditional sounds of the ‘ukulele with modern pop sensibilities.

Mischievous is a lush and dynamic debut from Sara Beth Yurow, blending modern life’s ups and downs with a sound that’s both familiar and novel. Yurow invites listeners on an unapologetic and unpredictable journey, signaling a path well worth exploring.

In these five tracks, listeners find not just songs, but stories, not just melodies, but memories. Welcome to the world of Sara Beth Yurow, where every note is a confession, and every song is a chapter in a larger narrative of growth, grit, and genuine artistry.