Los Angeles based singer songwriter Sanjana creates music to unite disparate worlds and soundscapes. Releasing the title track from her debut EP Water, I’ll Grow”, the single is a beautiful ode to friendship and emotional unity. 

Water, I’ll Grow is a beautiful introduction to Sanjana’s project. Illustrating universal emotions with her honeyed lyrical inflections, she uses her artistic canvas to draw out the romantic from the mundane. 

Water, I’ll Grow is a song about cherishing gratitude and embracing uncertainty”, Sanjana offers. “I was inspired to write it when I took a trip to Yosemite with my close friends from college. We had a long discussion about spirituality and free will, and I reflected upon the notion that there is so much that is out of our control as an individual.”

“Ultimately, everything that happens to you, successes and failures alike, are not just up to you and your choices. The people who have championed you throughout your life have helped bring you to where you are, alongside countless other forces. This song is about embracing those influences, being thankful, and acknowledging the role that the people in your life have had in shaping you”. 

Water, I’ll Grow is out now.