Sam Way shares ‘Share Your Stone’ video

Hailing from Devon, London based model-turned-singer/songwriter, Sam Way, releases his album ‘Archetype’ on September 22nd. From the collection of deeply personal and emotional pop gems, he shares an Andrew Richardson-directed video for new single ‘Share Your Stone’.

Way reveals: “The album is called Archetype for a few reasons. I was wondering how to frame all the work together under one title as I was absentmindedly reading the metro
on the tube.
I can’t remember the wider context of the article but the word jumped out at me from the page. I let the word sit in me, and it made me ask some questions about what it meant to be an ‘archetype’, and if indeed I was one. I know where I came from; for 10 years my life in the arts was in fashion and I found music, as I pursue it now, quite late really. When I did, I began some sort of transformation – a deeply personal one, something that’s still happening now – into some sort of hybrid, bridging two worlds.

The songs on this album came together throughout 2016.  A lot changed for me that year and yet I saw myself telling the same stories. I came to see these songs as embodiment’s of my archetypes, the sides of myself, often conflicting, that live within me. But these stories weren’t  just my own, they were explorations into the human condition, they were other peoples too. For the inquiry this word drew me into, Archetype seemed a fitting title and coincidentally,  infers some connection to my debut EP, Architect. Funny that”…