Sam Segurado shares the soulful ‘Phoenix’ and ‘The Remainder’

"It's about loss. Maybe the end of a relationship, or maybe someone who is gone too soon"
25 November 2023

Irish-Portuguese solo artist Sam Segurado unveils his latest single, Phoenix.’ This alternative-indie-folk gem, a preview of his upcoming sophomore album, The Remainder, showcases Segurado’s unique ability to intertwine captivating instruments with profound lyricism.

With a gentle cadence, Segurado’s tender vocals grace a rich synthscape, weaving seamlessly with the interplay of guitar and piano. The haunting chorus, “Draw you in the sand before you wash away,” originated from a dream, serving as a poignant contemplation on loss that reverberates profoundly in the aftermath of collective global ordeals such as the pandemic and war.

Recorded in 2018 in Segurado’s childhood home in Portugal, Phoenix captures a raw authenticity with sounds of crickets and passing airplanes. Childhood friend Christina Campbell adds a touch of magic with her Scottish lilt in backing vocals. Producer Shane Becker, recognizing the song’s standalone brilliance, convinced Segurado to release it separately.

Reflecting on personal struggles, Phoenix is a poignant exploration of loss, be it in relationships or lives cut short. The forthcoming album, The Remainder, draws inspiration from Segurado’s own challenges, exposing the turbulence of its recording process and the backdrop of the European war.

Discussing the track, Segurado reveals, “It’s about loss. Maybe the end of a relationship, or maybe someone who is gone too soon.” The decision to release it on Jeff Buckley’s birthday pays homage to the influential artist’s enduring impact on Segurado’s music. “That’s part of why I decided to release it on Jeff Buckley’s birthday. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that he left so young, but his influence on my music will never die.”

In tandem with the single, Segurado unveils a visually captivating music video, a sequel to last year’s Overspace. This allegorical narrative explores the aftermath of a relationship’s implosion, symbolizing the struggle to let go. Segurado emphasizes the synergy between the song and the video, both encapsulating the weight of the past and the journey to move on:

“Just like the song, the video also came to me in a burst of inspiration. Once I had the idea for this video, I realised that Phoenix was the only song that it would work with. They’re both about the weight of our past, and the difficulty in letting go. It’s another element of the concept of the album as a whole. The Remainder: what’s left of us, after we’ve gone through hell. And the power in that which remains.”

The ambitious project, The Remainder, is the second of nine planned albums, challenging the industry’s trend of singles. Segurado’s concept of splitting his soul into nine albums aligns with the folklore of a soul jar—an act of self-preservation and a testament to his love for the album format. He explains: “That we can put our soul into a separate entity to keep it safe. I’m doing the same thing, except I’m splitting my soul into nine albums. An act of self-preservation then. I’ve always loved albums. It’s my absolute favourite way to consume music, I got that love from my older brother.”

Save the date: February 24, 2024, when Sam Segurado’s The Remainde‘ will make its debut, accompanied by an album launch at The Cellar, Workman’s Club, Dublin, on February 25, 2024.

Photos by  Katya Rezvaya

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