Sam Segurado shares indie-pop anthem ‘JJ’

“We can surround ourselves in darkness for protection, but that leaves us in the dark.”
24 February 2023

Sam Segurado is an exceptional singer-songwriter with an uncommon background story. Sam grew up in an Irish-Portuguese culture and didn’t really felt like he belonged anywhere.

After settling in Dublin, Segurado was eventually able to concentrate on his music and it paid off – he released his first album Looking for the Fox in 2017.

The musical path of Segurado has evolved since its beginnings influenced by indie guitars and melancholic sounds. His new album The Remainder is almost here and he has released a new single called JJ to give us a sneak peek.

Segurado describes his new tune as “one of the earliest songs written for the album. It may sound hackneyed as hell, but I wrote this song for the women I know, and the women I don’t. It’s theirs now. Whether they want it or not” – Segurado chuckles and continues by saying – “An ode to the strength of women, to their experiences, a drop in the ocean of their pain. We can surround ourselves in darkness for protection, but that leaves us in the dark.”

Sam puts all his heart & soul into this indie-pop anthem which is loaded with guitar and synth – totally highlighting his musical strength. JJ benefits from the use of transcendent synths which creates an exciting new auditory experience. The drums add a noisy energy, reminiscent of an independent style euphoria, typical of Bombay Bicycle Club sound that really elevates the song.

Stephen Lovatt and Shane Becker have added a modern-day touch to it with their sleek production.

Segurado always stayed grounded due to music being the only thing he had amidst his travels around the world, from Cambridge to Paris, Dublin to St. Petersburg.

His nomadic lifestyle meant he encountered many characters and experienced all sorts of stories, which he turned into beautiful songs and enjoyed moments that will last a lifetime.

Segurado’s work is filled with references to his poetic writing, as well as lots of personal experience. His journey of growth, both personally and artistically, has been woven into all his creations. This artist is unique in the way he expresses his ideas through his songwriting, which really stands out.

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Photo by Katya Rézvaya