SAM LACHOW’s Newest Release Is Just Perfect.

Sam Lachow has crafted Fifteen Pennies, a single that discusses living and working in America, and the difficulties in managing finances. Coming alongside a self-made video, Sam’s talents are clearly endless.

Opening up on the track, Sam says: “A rumination on finding one’s true self within a never-ending hamster wheel of American industriousness. How much of the hustle is innate and how much is taught? And does it even matter? What’s the end goal to all this and what’s our objective? If it’s just money then why do we repeatedly get caught in these self created distractions and vices?”

Sam has been writing since 2011, working on EPs and albums and stunning video content. Hitting 7 million views via youtube, Sam has built a devoted and organic fanbase. 2020 is set to be Sam’s year, with a third studio album in the works.