SAM FRANKLIN Drops NSF: He is fed up with today’s capitalistic culture

It’s safe to say that Texas-based artist Sam Franklin is fed up with today’s capitalistic culture. Luckily for us – the outcome is a glittering new Indie Rock track, NSF .

 Having drawn inspiration from classic rock bands to current pop artists, the track is a true melting pot of Sam’s early musical influences which are reflected in his shimmering productions to soaring guitar solos.

Filled to the brim with upbeat drums, a grounding bassline, and popping electronics – the futuristic sounds reflect the message the song conveys. “‘NSF is about escaping the trap of capitalism, in thinking that money will solve all your problems or bring happiness”, Sam explains. “It’s easy to see someone who is young, rich, successful, and attractive and to envy them so much that you become unhappy with your own life. Ultimately, even if you’re not sure how you’re gonna pay your bills, you can still find happiness. If you believe that things will get better, they just might.”

The track comes as part of his EP, Strange Times, with common themes overcoming trials, financial issues, toxic relationships, and mental health. Co-produced by Daniel Ahmed and mastered by Vlado Meller, Strange Times is a strong statement from an artist to watch.