Salads shares pop punk bop ‘Drug Dealer!’

The young artist is part of a burgeoning Gen Z revival of the pop-punk scene.
4th August 2022

By Vanessa B

Drug Dealer! is a promising pop-punk debut single from UK-based newcomer Salads, also known to his audience as Patty or PattySalads. Salads combines pop, punk, rap, and alternative music in a genre-bending way that pays homage to his pop-punk beginnings combined with aspirational artists he listened to growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The young artist is part of a burgeoning Gen Z revival of the pop-punk scene. Acts such as SmrtDeath, KennyHoopla, Lil Lotus, and Meet Me @ The Altar are reviving the genre, not simply reproducing the sound and style of their predecessors, but adding a fresh new twist to it, bringing their own experiences to the table and making diversity mainstream. Some of the main ingredients that remain are expressive angst with an underlying sense of hope, and there’s plenty of those on this energetic and cleanly produced 2 and half-minute track. It opens with some melodic electric guitar notes before the distorted autotune vocals come in to lay down the moody pop-punk attitude, with tight, snappy drums tempering the track throughout. The autobiographical lyrics stem from Salads’ own struggles and overcoming abuse of Prescription Downers and Opiates in order to cope with trauma and insecurities.

Salads commented: “I cannot wait to release this song to the world as in every live show I’ve played, it has been a crowd favourite and this is my first debut single that is a Pop Punk record. bringing back my old roots mixed with all the inspirations and new sounds I picked up along my musical journey. Drug Dealer! will be the first Salads release with professional photoshoots and a music video and lyric video. After Drug Dealer! I have two new songs waiting to be released along with this new era. SaladsSuburbia is always w0rldbuilding <3 .”.

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