Sailing Stones’ Top 5 Influences Playlist

Bristol based singer songwriter Sailing Stones aka Jenny Lindfors presents music full of mystery and emotion. A remarkable musician and songwriter, Jenny delves into the intimate recesses of the soul to create something both intimate and universal. Her new single Don’t Tempt The Shadow is a testament to that. Here is a sneak preview of 5 influential songs that have shaped her career. 

Here is a sneak preview of 5 influential songs that have shaped her career...

1. Laura Nyro – Eli’s Coming

Laura Nyro was a synesthetic artist of the 1960s who expressed her arrangement ideas to studio musicians through colours. This is raw, visceral, feminine expression at its best, and she was just 21 at the time. 

2. Mariam The Believer – Love Makes Us Better

I first saw Mariam at Wilderness Festival in 2014 and she floored me. This song is from her most recent EP, and very fitting for our times. This performance, on a boat with Damien Rice and Feist, captures her rare authenticity as a performer.

3. Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

I first heard this incredible song at a Timber Timbre gig, where their sax player appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the set, in silhouette, and proceeded to play the outro in a cloud of dry ice. It was awesome.

4. Phoebe BridgersFuneral

Phoebe Bridgers is the best songwriter I’ve heard in years. This song is a great example of her ability to write fearless, funny and frank lyrics that are also incredibly poignant.

5. Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman 

Stevie Nicks believes that songs can tell the future, and when she sings “take your silver spoon and dig your grave”, she’s singing about the ravages of cocaine use, as if she’s predicting the horror of addiction that would follow in her life. This 42-year old record is timeless and perfect to me. 

By Sailing Stones for FM