SAFENATH Shares Emphatic New Single SKY BLUE

The Essex-based Artist Has an Incredible Flow

By Vee D

Working alongside production partner and long-time collaborator, Essex’s safenath has been creating some powerful and infectious blends of UK Hip Hop, Trap & grime. Combining lush samples with powerful drum elements, the new single Sky Blue is a perfect example of the duo’s collaborative sound, full of punchy elements and an irresistible flow and tone. 

Raised in Chelmsford, Essex as part of a musical family – safenath’s musical upbringing involved a diet as varied as Deftones and Slipknot, right through to Wu Tang Clan, Vince Staples and Mac Miller. Keen to develop a complete musical understanding, he learnt multiple instruments falling in love with drumming and production while always fine-tuning his flow – “Where I drummed, I think it helped with my flow and rhythm in a way,”

Sky Blue is out now – Speaking on the new single, safenath states: “SKY BLUE is speaking about moving on from my local area and trying to broaden my horizons. The name SKY BLUE came from a spot me and my boys used to chill at whilst growing up in Chelmsford. I think being one of the youngest in my group made me grow up quick and this track resembles that child-like ignorance and enjoyment of nightlife at first.”


Photo by Hana Zebzabi