By Moni Bell

Manchester based ’Sad-Boy Pop’ band, Bad Love, present their latest slice of lushly sophisticated alt.pop with their new single Cashmere Tears.

Hi Bad Love how are you?

All good thanks, comfortably locked away in my studio writing day after day whilst we’re in lockdown

You’ve released new single ‘Cashmere Tears‘, can you tell us about the themes contained within the song?

For me, Cashmere Tears is about wanting more from life, about dreaming of better and trying to not be jaded to the world. I think especially when you’re from smaller towns it’s easy to get sucked into the easy pace of life and not push yourself, but for me I’m so full of anxiety when i’m not moving forward. I wrote it during lockdown when I could really feel myself getting super depressed about where I was in life, like I hadn’t done enough and my life was just wasting away in front of me.

How does the creative process work when writing new material?

It pretty much always starts with me writing the start of a song or making a beat in my room at 3am – i’m a real insomniac so that’s like my hazy time where everything’s a little bleary. I’ll have tons of these ideas just sat online and then we just pick things that we fuck with to collaborate on, maybe we’ll take it into our studio and jam some ideas.

How has the pandemic impacted upon the art you create?

I guess the obvious main one is not being able to just be in a room and play music with other people, it makes it a very solitary endeavour. But more than that I think not being able to experience life is such a roadblock to creativity, I often write songs about very personal experiences from both myself and my friends. So without life going on as it does, there’s not a lot to say.

As a Manchester based band, does the city influence the kind of music you produce?

Absolutely, Manchester is a huge hub for rad music, art and culture. I do see Manchester as a big city for Indie and guitar music and I guess it inspires me to try and be contrarian and not want to make the same music as everything else that surrounds me. Whilst we all love the city it pushes our boundaries to look further afield for what we love

How has the music industry changed since you began playing in bands?

I think it’s always been about the same thing; great songs. Okay, people can blow up on Tiktok but people could always blow up on Instagram before and whatever else before that. I think whilst sounds and cliches will come and go, people are always just after a song that connects with them on a human level.

You have coined the phrase ‘sad-boy pop’. How would you describe this and where do you think your music fits in today’s world?

I guess ‘sadboy pop’ is about writing music with heart. It’s not about being sad, as much as it’s about being real. Like there’s a huge culture in our society, for all genders, to hide who we all really are. So I’m like fuck it – wear your heart on your sleeve, tell who you love that you love them, tell your friends that life’s shit, don’t pretend that somone didn’t break your heart and just accept being human.

If you were stranded on a desert island which three albums would you choose to wash up on the shore?

Shiittt, hard question. Okay, maybe Malibu Nights by Lany for those late night chills on the beach – some bops and some vibes. Revolver by The Beatles, because god knows you need a pick me up in that situation and Original Pirate Material by The Streets, to get everyone pumped.

With live performances on hold for the moment, do you have any plans to find different ways to connect with your fans?

It’s about being real with each other online, more than ever right now. We’re all always trying to work out how talk to people in a way they want, doing tiktoks and stuff as an artist though feels weird. It’s like the whole cult of celebrity/meme world thing and I kinda didn’t start writing songs to connect with people so I could do some dance online – who knows, maybe that makes me sound well boomer. We’re working out some boss live sessions right now that I want to release soon so we’re all buzzed for that!

What are your plans for 2021?

Actually get out of the house hopefully! We’ve got a ton more songs, already got loads of people talking about festivals if they happen and some mint shows. So with any luck we can get back to what we do best – drunk crying at the after party of a show.