Sabrina Francis unveils powerful and captivating track ‘I Feel Amazing’

"I’ve worked very hard to become this person you see today, I am proud of her."
3 February 2023

Sabrina Francis blessed us with her inspirational R&B and the moving banger I Feel Amazing. It starts off with a dreamy soundscape, vibrant transitions, and natural percussion. She uses her beautiful voice to spread all the struggles and lessons she has learned, creating a surprising ambiance with her music.

It’s a powerful and captivating track that will draw you in instantly.

Her emotional and soulful singing will take you through her journey of hardships and knowledge in a truly mesmerizing style.  

Hailing from the small Caribbean island of Grenada, Sabrina Francis has lived in an art-filled environment there, where the options and resources for creators aren’t quite up to par. Despite all the challenges, this up-and-comer is still going after her dreams in music with her lush Afro-Carribean Pop offering.

Francis reveals: “I have entered this place in my life where it feels like all the shit I’ve been through, all the challenges I’ve had to overcome, and the lessons I’ve learned are finally about to pay off like something good is about to happen. I’ve worked very hard to become this person you see today, I am proud of her. I am at peace with her and finally feel like I have the tools and have laid the foundation to really ‘shake shit up’ in the best way. This is what this song is about. It’s me looking forward to this next phase of my life and not being afraid or intimidated by it (which is new), I feel ready & able and I know it’s going to be beautiful.”

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