Having already received acclaim from the likes of Afropunk, BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson and wowed crowds at the likes of Decolinise Punk Fest and Punx Of Colour Fest in New York, London duo Sabatta have now unleashed the seething power of their new album.

An eclectic fusion of sounds, Misfit Music is an epic, genre-defying collection. Kicking off with the steady hooks and syncopated beats of ‘Rock Star Shit’, Sabatta fuse together Yinka’s rap-inspired spoken word vocals with classic rock guitar skills in a tongue-in-cheek take on what it means to be a modern day ‘rock star’. Continuing with intense rolllicking licks, ‘Wicked Right Now’ showcases the soaring power of Yinka’s vocals as funk-fuelled hooks build to racing, in-your-face riffs.

Taking things down a notch, ‘Feel It Too’ oozes a mellow groove with shades of the likes of noughties ska-punksters King Prawn, whilst the softer tones of ‘Innocence’ are delivered by swirling hooks and Debbie Dee’s booming bass-lines, bringing to mind early Incubus. Album highlight ‘Scream Of Consciousness’, however, races with thrashing riffs and the sweeping overwhelming power of Yinka’s vocals as funky beats propel this impassioned take on the angst of modern life into a wonderfully frenzied wall of sound.

Closing the album, ‘Speed Of Life’ provides a contemplative end to the collection as the power of Dee’s steady hooks alongside more soulful-sounding vocals prove once again that Sabatta are impossible to pigeon hole into one simple genre.

With their mantra of “fuck genres, fuck labels, fuck rules and fuck fitting in”, Sabatta have showcased their unique, uncompromising sound; they’ve defied genres and shown us all what the power of being a misfit really means.

‘Misfit Music’, the new album from Sabatta, is out now via Blackfriars Entertainment.