rylan-clark_fur-free_ad_FINAL300‘Let’s Get One Thing Straight: Say No to Fur’, Says Celebrity Big Brother Winner and New Host of BBBOTS, Rylan Clark

In the brand-new anti-fur advert for PETA, the X Factor finalist and new Big Brother’s Bit on the Side host appears naked next to the words “Fur-Free and Proud”, with his modesty preserved only by a strategically placed “No Fur” logo. The ad goes on to explain, “Let’s get one thing straight: animals are killed for their fur by being beaten, electrocuted, drowned or even skinned alive. Say NO to fur and fur trim”.

“Everyone knows I love fashion and costumes – the more spectacular the better – but the one thing I refuse to wear is animal fur”, says Clark. “There’s so much else we can wear today that it’s ridiculous to kill an animal for their fur. If you see me in something furry, I’m faking it all the way!”

Animals on fur factory farms spend their lives in cramped, wire-bottomed cages surrounded by their own waste, and they often go mad from the isolation and boredom. Fur-bearing animals caught in the wild can languish for days in traps.

Mothers with nursing young will often chew through their own limbs in a desperate attempt to return to their cubs. In China, the world’s largest exporter of fur, fur from dogs and cats is often falsely labelled as fur from other animals before it is exported.