RuthB120 year old Canadian singer/songwriter, Vine and Youtube sensation opens up to FM about the pensive and dreamy video – directed by Emil Nava – for her massive debut song ‘Lost Boy’ and shares her thoughts on her stunning debut EP ‘The Intro’ (out now via Columbia Records).

Following Ruth’s six second clips of her performing an unfinished version OF ‘Lost Boy’ on Vine and the complete song on YouTube, so much has happened…

How are you today Ruth?

I’m doing great thank you! Currently at home packing my bags for another trip to the US.

What is ‘Lost Boy’ for you?

For me, ‘Lost boy’ is the first song I ever wrote. It’s about loneliness, home, and finding freedom.

Were you surprised of all the social media interest and success you had with ‘Lost Boy’?

I was very surprised and I still am! I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to wrap my mind around the fact that a six second video changed my life.

Can you talk about your debut EP ‘The Intro’?

The intro is a collection of four of the very first songs I wrote. It’s a piano and vocal sounding album. I thought I would keep it that was so that people could get to know my songs the way I had been living with them.

What were your influences whilst writing it?

Just life I guess! The little things of everyday. There’s a song in everything. RuthBWhat are your fondest musical memories in your family home in Canada?

Growing up playing piano for my family. Singing anytime someone came through the door. Jamming out to Michael Jackson with my parents and brother.

Who would you want to do a tour with?

Ed Sheeran. He keeps it’s pretty simple and stripped back like myself!

Tell us about your next show and why we should be there.

I think you should be there if you want to hear some honest, stripped back music! It’s just me, a piano, and my deepest thoughts.

What’s coming next for you?

A full length album! I’ve done a lot of writing over the past year and I can’t wait for people to hear it.

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FM