Rushkeys creates a grounding yet transcendent listening experience with ‘Kira’

Rushkey’s highly polished, empowering sound is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.
23rd February 2023

Kira is a brand new single released by Lithuanian artist and producer Rushkeys, plucked from his upcoming 7-track LP, Outlook. With shimmering synths and rousing percussion, this downtempo electronica track is sure to make you move your feet.

Based in Vilnius, Rushkeys (AKA Domas Ruškys) says he uses music ‘’as a means to express himself in truth and create connections.’’ His sound is planted firmly in the soil of organic house and electronica and has an effortlessly ethereal feel to it. 

As a native of a small town near the Baltic Sea, Rushkeys draws a great deal of inspiration from nature. Each track is carefully designed and crafted with organic textures and sounds derived from foley work to create a grounding yet transcendent listening experience. 

With a formal education in music, and over a decade of experience working professionally in a recording studio, Rushkeys has formed an impressive career for himself, and it’s not hard to see what effect this level of expertise has on his sound. This latest offering, Kira, is no exception.  The track uses a variety of interesting elements, from hypnotic, gliding synths to punchy tribal elements, all seamlessly woven together into one sonically sparkling soundscape. 

Rushkey’s highly polished, empowering sound is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered for any chillwave, downtempo electronica fans, especially those with a love of similar artists such as Bonobo or Catching Flies. Check out Kira today on streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for the release of Outlook, the full LP, on March 3rd.

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