Running At Night: Benefits And Safety Tips

Exercise is a very important part of your physiology, one of the more convenient ways to do this is running. People run for various reasons. Some of these reasons are stress, weight loss, training, and doctor’s advice.
16 August 2021

By Vanessa B

Exercise is a very important part of maintaining physical and mental health and wellness and one of the more convenient ways to do this is running. You don’t need special equipment and it can be done almost anywhere. People run for various other reasons too. Some of these reasons include weight loss, training, and doctor’s advice.

But there are numerous other benefits that might not seem obvious at first. For example, running:

  • help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise.
  • strengthen muscles.
  • improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • burn plenty of kilojoules.
  • help maintain a healthy weight.
  • improves your immunity.
  • reduces risk of many cancers.
  • improves mental health, and reduces depression.
  • lowers your blood pressure. 

Some people prefer running at different times of the day, which could be due to preference or schedules. Running at any time of the day has great benefits, and this guide will outline some of the benefits of running at night.

Better sleep

Certain activities in the day can alter sleep patterns. Running at night can correct your deficiencies by ensuring you are worn out. It can be ideal for people who feel tired after exercising; those who run during the day may sleep because they feel tired. 

Taking a shower after your run will give you better chances of having a goodnight’s sleep as it lowers your body temperature, and relaxes your body to a resting state.

Stress reliever

A long day at work can leave you mentally and physically worn out. Running after a stressful day will help you release some tension and make you feel relaxed. 

Stress causes an increase in blood pressure, and running decreases blood pressure by relaxing tense muscles.

Stress can cause you not to think clearly because your mind isn’t calm. Running can ease all that and create a sense of calm.

More time

Running at night cancels out the need to exercise in the morning, thus giving you more time to plan for your day. Night runs are recommended if you have a busy day. People who aim to run in the morning or during the day may be inclined to skip training because of busy schedules.

Encourages healthy eating

Running at night helps you avoid eating heavy meals at night. Eating at night is highly discouraged because digestion may not be as effective when you are fully active. If you run at night regularly, you will avoid having alcohol. When it’s nighttime, alcohol consumption is higher than regular hours of the day.

Is it safe?

It is widely known that running at night can be risky because of safety reasons. Some things could happen to you while you enjoy your night exercise. Accidents, robbery, and rape are some of the unfortunate events that could happen. To avoid or minimize some of these events, follow the following safety tips.

Safety tips


It is difficult for everyone to see at night; our pupils were not built like cat’s eyes. Invest in some high-quality running shoes that have reflective panels. Brooks running shoes, for example, are durable and comfortable shoes with in-built support systems and many models made from recyclable materials to boot. 

You should also not wear dark clothes while running and instead wear brighter hues and reflective garments. Drivers and cyclists will be more aware of your presence, and this will reduce the risk of accidents while running at night. 

You might also consider using a headlamp while running to light the path in front of you and avoid potholes or uneven pathways. These uneven pathways can easily cause injury to your knee and ankle joints.

2.Observe road rules

Using the road requires you to be vigilant at all times. You need to be aware of the road signs, traffic lights, cycling, and walking paths to have a successful run. Awareness doesn’t only get you there; you need to follow the rules to avoid unfortunate events. While being observant of traffic rules, you can run against traffic. It is better to run at night when you can see oncoming traffic.

3.Choose a safe path

It would help if you chose a path that pedestrians and cyclists frequently use. To avoid encounters with unsavory characters, you can run in well-lit paths that give you ample visibility. You could also switch up your running paths so that you are unpredictable.

4.Stay in touch

Tell someone you live with where you are going, especially if it is running at night. You need to relay such information so that your whereabouts are known at all times. It would be best if you also carried your phone, because you may need to call an ambulance or someone to pick you up when you are injured.


It would be best if you were alert with all your senses, but particularly your ears. Avoid the use of headphones when running at night. It would help if you had your ears alert for any car hooting or the sound of people approaching to avert yourself from danger.

6.Have a running mate

For assured safety, you could have a running buddy. Ladies are the most vulnerable to sexual offenses, and having that extra person could reduce the risk of an attack.

Final thoughts

Running is healthy for your body, and practicing it at any time of the day doesn’t determine how much you gain from it physiologically.

Be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of running at night before you make it a habit. Ensure you also figure out what works best for you, don’t just follow a trend.

Make a plan of attaining your goals while running at night; for a more fulfilling experience. Be consistent, and your gains will be seen soon enough, and make sure to enjoy yourself.