RUNK QuickFire Questions

London forward-thinking urban / electronic artist / DJ, Victor Davies (RUNK) presents
his new track Nut Butter

What was the first album you bought?

I can’t remember the first album I bought but I can remember the first album I had. It was given to me by my cousin and it was. All N All by Earth Wind And Fire. Totally blew my mind production songs vocals everything the funkiest music played by jazz musicians. I remember the feel of holding something so important and physical. It’s funny also remembering queuing outside record shops for that precious vinyl, how things change.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I think Quincy Jones was a big inspiration his talent and diversity and then by chance I’d produced an album for my partner Mika Urbaniak and she sang with Quincy and his big band on live tv. Afterwards he invited us to dinner with him and his sister in law, we talked until 4am about Michael Jackson Sinatra the mafia he showed me his ring Sinatra left him in his will with his Sicilian crest. It was amazing and I was inspired even more.

My inspirations are really wide even someone like Ian Dury who was incredibly talented as a poet succeeding with a disability. I also love Chuck Berry his songwriting talent and his no bullshit attitude to music. I love it when he said. I was a painter and decorator but when I was making more money from performing I put down the paint brush and picked up the guitar. Love it.

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

Basquiat is a big influence as I love to paint and have had a few exhibitions. He’s one of those characters you just can’t define just special. His art looks very simplistic but it’s really hard to paint in that way it’s really pure.

I also admire Floyd Mayweather the boxer I love the idea that someone can be very matter of fact about their reality and take the straight path to what they want.I used to be a Thai boxer and had quite a few fights in Thailand and I came to admire a lot of those fighters that did it for their families as they had very little it’s a thought sport.

Tell us about your new single for Nut Butter?

I first made the track and got really great reactions from people but thought that’s only half the story and decided I would need an equally good video.
I shot it myself on iPhone as I will with all my videos and I think the video stands on its  own as a piece of art.

It was really intense to perform as I wanted my personality to be extreme there are also hidden visual messages for people to work out. I wanted the track to show the excess and contradictions in hip hop, using uncomfortable lyrics wrapped in a kind of tragic paranoia. It’s also in many ways a comic performance and again some hidden messages.

What can we expect from you in 2020?

I want to put out a lot of music I’m telling everyone there will be a track a month and a video for each. By telling everyone that I’m putting my back s against the wall to deliver but it’s the best way I work, under pressure. I also want the music to take influence from all genres and keep it fresh.