RudeGRL & CC Reveal KILLER 16 EP

By Frank Bell

Genre blending trio RudeGRL & CC’s sophomore EP, Killer 16, is another volatile collection of hip-hop and punk rock hybrid tracks with all the rapid bars and melodic beats they’re becoming known for.

Each track on the EP represents a new avenue of the trio’s ever evolving sound, as the title track kicks things off with singer and MC Jenna Dickens aka RudeGRL’s fast paced rapping over electronic beats and hard rock drum fills. New track What Is Love on the other hand takes the record in a more electro-pop direction, showcasing the rapper’s talent for singing in the chorus, while multi-instrumentalist Chris Constantinou is the mastermind behind all the fuzz and bass behind her.

“It was just like – plug it in and let’s play,” Chris explains of the EP’s titular chorus, which he co-produced with Nicholas De Carlo. “The whole process has been so organic from the off. I think the thing that really makes it work is that we don’t spend too long on anything so it’s just a stream-of-consciousness of everything that I’ve learned and everything that’s very natural to Jenna, who’s very quick at stuff.”

Having crossed paths at Sony, RudeGRL & CC came to be from Chris’ late-night inspiration to merge high-octane hip-hop with punk rock music, with burlesque star Bunni Morretto rounding the trio out. Having received support from BBC 6 Music and Kiss FM, Killer 16 looks to follow up on the explosiveness of their debut EP from last year, Like Wow.