rubylux2Check out ‘The World Goes Quiet’, the anthemic rock-pop single by Brighton based, 4 piece band Rubylux.
The very interesting track is released on May 12th 2013 on Luxury-B Records via Universal and is taken from their album ‘The World Goes Quiet’ released on June 17.

Lead singer and guitarist Rob Irving , bassist Clark Coslett-Hughes, keyboard player Adam Harris and drummer Mike Hall are known for their ‘guerrilla street gigs’ across the country.

Rob explains: “We’d borrow a generator and PA system, and we’d set up around Brighton, blast out songs for 30 or 45 minutes, however long we could play before the police or council shut us down.

Then we started recording those gigs, to sell them later on. We made enough money to buy our own gear, because the street gigs attract a ridiculous amount of people, far more than we’d play to a small venue in Brighton.

It’s something we love and want to continue doing.”