Royksopp unveiled an amazing short-film entitled ‘Senior Living’ over on the Independent Film Channel.Featuring 6 cuts from their current instrumental album ‘Senior’ – the counterpart to last year’s ‘Junior’ – the film was shot in derelict parts of Detroit and is a stunning watch.

As Independent Film Channel’s journalist Brandon Kim notes: “When I first saw it, I was trying to figure out what blown out Scandinavian town it was filmed in, long abandoned from some volcanic fallout.

Then I decided the directors, Noel Paul and Stefan Moore (ThatGo) traveled to Chernobyl for the shoot, before they revealed that, “We shot it in Detroit because it is exists as a contemporary dystopia.” If you have to see it to believe it, if you’ve never been there. They didn’t do any set dressing either.

“All of our locations were filmed as we found them,” they noted.”

Immerse in the relaxed horror of Royksopp’s “Senior Living” — chicks, wolves, zombie children and the total urban decay of an American city.