Roving Crows: breathing new life into ‘Dirty Habits 2.ø’

"...that feeling of getting out there, the ensuing chaos that unravels, and the feeling on Sunday of being 'spent, broke, locked'. But then doing it all again!"
31 October 2023

Meet Irish folk-rock sensation Roving Crows:​ Caitlin Barrett​ (fiddle/​vocals​), Paul O’Neill​ (acoustic ​guitar/​vocals​), Jim Smith​ (bass/​vocals​) and Laurence Aldridge​ (drums/​vocals​). In their latest musical endeavor, the quartet unleashes a revitalized version of their 2012 hit, Dirty Habits 2.ø. A track that not only pays homage to their Celtic roots but also boasts a raw, edgy vibe that’s impossible to ignore.

Originally featured on their debut album, Bacchanalia, Dirty Habits 2.ø has undergone a remarkable transformation. ​ Initially crafted with a trumpet player in the ensemble, the song has transitioned from its initial, subdued demeanor to embrace a bolder, rock-infused vibe.

With the infusion of new blood in the form of a bass player and drummer in 2019, the band decided to give the song a “new crow” treatment. The result is a track that’s fuller, more aggressive, and oozing with a frenetic energy that perfectly complements their evolved lineup.​

The lyrics of Dirty Habits 2.ø delve into the chaos that ensues after a night of wild abandon. Inspired by a former band member’s “leisure” activities, the track encapsulates the feeling of letting loose and the aftermath of a raucous night out.

Roving Crows comment, ‘Dirty Habits 2.ø’ is about a night of wild abandon…that feeling of getting out there, the ensuing chaos that unravels, and the feeling on Sunday of being ‘spent, broke, locked’. But then doing it all again! This song was actually inspired by a previous band member and his ‘leisure’ activities! Performing ‘Dirty Habits 2.ø’ allows us to let out our energy, to be raucous, and just release ourselves into the moment when we’re performing it.”

Formed in 2009 by Caitlin Barrett and Paul O’Neill, Roving Crows has been on a relentless musical journey, releasing four albums that showcase their evolution. From Bacchanalia (2012) to the recently dropped Awaken (2022), each album is a testament to their growth and willingness to push the boundaries of the Celtic Folk genre.

Roving Crows is not just about studio perfection; they are a must-see live act. Combining furious violin playing, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful drum and bass sounds, their performances are a rollercoaster of passion, energy, and soul. The band has carved out a distinctive and captivating sound that defies Celtic Folk conventions, ensuring that their live shows are a guaranteed good time.

Step into the unbridled intensity of Dirty Habits 2.ø as Roving Crows extends a proud invitation. This track is a glimpse into a band perpetually redefining, astonishing, and captivating its audience.