Ross Learmonth’s emotive ballad ‘Because of You’ strikes a chord

“I decided to go back to basics in terms of a simple melody and allowed my emotions to flow and the message to get across"
14 May 2024
Photo by Reynolds & Jonny Smith

South African-born Ross Learmonth boasts a distinguished career in music, initially rising to fame as the frontman of the rock band Prime Circle, achieving global recognition in the 2000s.

Now, as a solo artist, Ross Learmonth enchants audiences once more with his latest single, Because of You. This heartfelt ballad, driven by acoustic guitar, showcases Learmonth’s captivating vocals and poignant storytelling, complete with an anthemic chorus that invites listeners to sing along. Brimming with vulnerability and tenderness, the track’s swirling melodies intertwine as Learmonth declares, “All I can say or do,/Cause I know I’m always better with you,/ Even after all the things you’ve been through.” Fans of Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, and James Bay will undoubtedly be drawn to his evocative sound.

Accompanying the single is a visually striking music video shot in black and white, featuring Learmonth’s performance in an empty movie theater. The camera gracefully pans around him, focusing on a simple chair and his acoustic guitar, before revealing the audience rising to their feet in solidarity, symbolizing connection amidst perceived darkness.

Photo by Reynolds & Jonny Smith

Reflecting on the song’s message, Learmonth shares, “Sometimes people get so caught up in fighting their demons and personal battles, that they get lost and overwhelmed, and find it difficult to break through and shed the light. This song is from the perspective of the other side, trying to show someone their true value.”

Learmonth explains that Because of You represents a return to his musical roots. “I decided to go back to basics in terms of a simple melody and allowed my emotions to flow and the message to get across. I didn’t want to clutter this track with overthinking and over complicating the music.”

Learmonth’s illustrious career spans eight albums, many achieving gold or platinum status, and he has garnered accolades at prestigious events like the South African Music Awards and MTV South Africa Music Awards, solidifying his devoted following across Europe. Transitioning to solo work, Learmonth’s initial singles, including Wild, Screaming, and Young, all soared to the top of various South African radio charts. In 2023, his debut solo album Carousel garnered widespread critical acclaim, highlighting both his enduring artistry and songwriting talent.

The result is a cinematic and triumphant sonic landscape that explores themes of loss, love, and loyalty, delivering universal messages in an intimate package.