Ross Alan dazzles with the new track ‘Homesick’ and the EP ‘Revelation’

"How do you navigate life as you blossom into an adult when you don't know what home is? That's what the song is about.”
6 May 2023

Ross Alan is a non-binary pop artist from LA who loves to dazzle with glitter and great music. People have been praising it as “undeniable pop” with memorable melodies, velvety vocals and lines that’ll stay with you.

Ross Alan just dropped the first single, Homesick, from their new, rather exciting five-track EP called Revelation. The standout tune brings a cozy and relaxed atmosphere combining elements of country and pop music.

They are about to grab everyone’s attention with this new track. It has acoustic guitar, synth, drums, and vocals creating a fresh sound.

Homesick is discovering that you never really felt a true sense of belonging. Ross Alan reveals: “I always felt out of place growing up. When I was 18, I moved away from Ohio and my family for the first time. Going to college 800 miles away, my first quarter ended for winter break and everyone complained about how they were “Homesick“. I realised I wasn’t and I had never missed Ohio because it never felt like home. How do you navigate life as you blossom into an adult when you don’t know what home is? That’s what the song is about.”

Ross Alan wrote the tune on an acoustic guitar and sent it over to the producer in New York with a list of songs they wanted to sound like.

After the producer made the beat, they refined it and put down the vocals. Everything was sent back to them to mix and master until they got it just right.

They’ve been in the music biz for the past 10 years, teaming up with producers like Chris Young (who has worked with Christina Aguilera), playing music at places like Pete’s Candy Store (New York City), Davenport’s (Chicago), Hotel Café, and Whisky A Go Go (Los Angeles) is always a blast.

The EP, Revelation, by the self-identified #BalladQueen, was produced by Jamie McCardle from ‘olderbrother’ and Ivan Fiallos-Zambrano who has worked with Jason Derulo before.

With EP songs like Blue Skies and Control are quite a shift from their regular pop radio music. It has an acoustic vibe that’s refreshing and energizing.

Photo by Taylor Mansmann