ROSA ANSCHÜTZ: What It Feels Like When Time Stops

By Frank Bell

Back in 2019, Rosa Anschütz released Rigid, a four-song EP full of tastefully curated “technoid” sounds, deep ambient textures and harsh noises. The material was emotionally wide-open and high voltage by design. Despite the modern choice of sounds and a rather new school approach to sound design, it still managed to evoke something of an 80s West Berlin aura. That very specific Teutonic new wave type of disaffect. The EP made quite a splash, but after techno wizard Kobosil took the title track and flipped it into a dark, brash techno banger, it was a wrap! 

Rosa is back with her second single from the forthcoming full-length record titled Votive. The song is called Out of Trueand it’s dark and delicate, unnerving and soothing simultaneously.

Listening to it feels like it’s late night, and time had somehow stopped or it moves rather imperceptibly, creating the illusion that dawn will never arrive. It’s definitely a tough space to be in if this is how you feel on a regular basis, but it’s cathartic and extremely beautiful if all you are doing is visiting it via music.  The strength of this piece definitely lies in the extreme vulnerability that it exudes. It feels honest, and almost painfully so. And there is also something verily liturgical about it in spirit. Perhaps it’s the mantra-like drones, repetitious and relentless, or maybe it’s just the long reverb which evokes a vast, cavernous space, like say a cathedral. If this song is anything to go by, fans of Lingua Ignota and Chelsea Wolfe will surely feel at home there. 

Photography by Anna Breit