NORTHERN Ireland golfing ace Rory McIlroy has revealed he’s always homesick. And the sports star has says he loves his life back in Northern Ireland so much that he’s refusing to get a home in America.

Rory Mcllory and his girlfriend Holly Sweeney

Rory has been so homesick he’s even quit the U.S Tour and says he will only play on the European one next year.

“I don’t have a base in the States and besides I enjoy my time too much back at home” he said, adding: “Holly (Sweeney – his girlfriend) also has another two years at Un and we have two dogs, a nice house and I love my life back in Ireland, back in Europe and I don’t want ever to give that up.

Party Time: Rory Mcllory with his girlfriend Holly Sweeney and friends

“But if I keep playing the way I have been playing, I will get all the invitations I need. Also after playing in the Ryder Cup, I got a great sense of the camaraderie out there, and I got to know many of the European guys a lot better.”

By Tina Calder
Photos by © Fabrizio Belluschi/