Check out FAME’s Wee Claire interview with female grime mc/ rapper from London’s East End: the exciting Ronster (B.G.R).

Her new video for ‘No_Luv’ and the free download ‘Hood Tapez’ Volume 1 mix-tape demonstrates what can only be described as real, cutting edge, innovative, non-watered down and heart felt street music.
Describe your music in one sentence.

An intellectual take on life in East London, mixed with passion and energy.

You’re from Stratford, where we just had the 2012 Olympics. How has London 2012 improved or benefited East London?

It has given allot of jobs, allot of music opportunities with local parks putting on shows during and after the games. Overall it has put East London firmly on the map.A lot of grime artists seem to emerge from East London, why do you
think this is?

When I was young East London was and still can be one of the hardest places to grow up in the uk.. this gives allot of aggression, passion and gives young people allot to say.

The first grime artists came out of East London and we are home to some of the greats. Our youngsters take lead from them and follow in their footsteps whilst adding a spin to their own story.

Has where you’ve come from influenced how you write music?

Yes, allot of grime artists came up together and East London had a tight community of mc’s.

What are your musical influences – old and new?

Eminem from young.. recently I listened to Drake, allot of uk artists and Rasheeda from ATL.American rap and hip-hop is very international, however, a lot of British garage, grim and rap artists don’t always translate abroad – why do you think this is?

I think allot of uk artists have translated abroad such as chip, tinchy, tinie, dizzee, n dubz, pro green and wretch are also breaking through. mainly the top uk mc’s HAVE broken through and I think its about determination and the message in your music.

Do you have any new music recommendations for us?

besides myself, Cashtastic, J Spades, Roxxxan

What can fans expect from your live show?

Energy, rawness and an exciting showcase..

There are lots of strong female icons in music, which do you respect and which do you avoid?

I respect anyone who has something to say and can say it without selling themselves.

Finally, if you could have any wish (but only one) granted right now, what would it be and why?

To record with Eminem, as he’s my all time favourite artist and a legend in my eyes…my whole inspiration
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