Photo by Tom Cof

ROJS unveils sophomore single ‘Stockholm’

“It's about being stuck in a bad relationship that is kind of abusive but you are too drawn towards it to give up on it”
8 February 2024

An in-depth exploration of nighttime reflections

Rising alternative music talent ROJS dazzles with his second single Stockholm. Hailing from Slovenia and currently dividing his time between London and Los Angeles, ROJS is carving out a distinct niche with his blend of alternative music, marked by sharp lyrical skill and refined production techniques.

The song Stockholm is a haunting ballad that depicts the essence of introspective solitude during the night. This track is a voyage through personal introspection and a collective emotional experience, all conveyed with a transparency that feels as intimate as reading a diary.

Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences, ROJS crafts a sound that is as heartfelt as it is profound, striking a chord with a generation craving connection through shared feelings.

Reflecting on the single, ROJS shares, “Stockholm is about being stuck in a bad relationship that is kind of abusive but you are too drawn towards it to give up on it”. This candidness provides a glimpse into the emotional depth and authenticity that ROJS brings to his music.

Utilizing a rich palette of vocals, electric guitar, piano, mellotron, electric piano, and drums, Stockholm offers an immersive listening experience. The track’s introspective and melancholic tones are poised to make it an unforgettable addition to the alternative music scene.

Photo by Tom Cof

Stockholm serves as a preview to ROJS’s highly anticipated debut album, Inner Lights, expected to drop this summer. The genesis of this song traces back to a hotel room in Sydney, marking the beginning of what would become a significant piece in ROJS’s musical repertoire. The song’s evolution is a testament to his journey, from unresolved tensions in a past relationship to the finalization of lyrics on a plane to Los Angeles. Part of the track was even recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, adding to its remarkable story.

As ROJS gears up for the release of Stockholm and his debut album later in the year, 2024 is poised to be a defining year for this emerging artist. With his ability to weave timeless soundscapes and connect with listeners on a profound level, ROJS continues to establish himself as a formidable presence in the alternative music landscape.