rock world1Rockworld TV Announces Exclusive Programming Alliance With Rock-On TV Featuring The Best Of Classic Rock Starting In August!

Rockworld TV is the UK’s premier Indie Rock TV channel featuring emerging and exciting bands from the UK and U.S. in exclusive live performances.

Unlike any music channel in the world, Rockworld is all about live music from the most compelling new indie, rock and metal bands.

ROCK-on tv is the home of Classic Rock in the UK. It is owned by ROCK-on Worldwide Ltd, which is building a worldwide Classic Rock music brand creating a community for Classic Rock fans to access the music anywhere – from live concerts to TV and radio stations, specialist productions and applications in the world of Web 2.0.

Rockworld TV has an exciting schedule of Rock-on programmes lined up for August including interviews with Megadeth and Slash, the legendary Don Pennebaker movie of Bowie’s performance as Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars from 1973 and a series of Face to Face shows hosted by Rick Wakeman which includes interviews with Brian May of Queen and the Zombies.

Steve Timmins of ROCK-on tv said:
“This is a great chance for us to develop a strong Rock based brand in what is a very competitive market. Merging our exclusive classic rock content with Rockworld TV’s unplugged contemporary music will make for a unique viewing experience.”

Justin Ackerman of Rockworld TV commented:
“Classic rock is more popular today than ever before and for good reason. Rock-On’s great classic programming means viewers will experience the rule-breaking innovators who defined rock music and provided the bridge to the hottest new bands today.”