Roberto Kuster has returned with his second single My Sinking Ship, which contains an emotional narrative and soothing vocal performance. The release follows his first single of 2020 Shoulder To Cry On which received rapturous acclaim. 

Discussing My Sinking Ship Roberto says: “The track is about those kinds of relationships that seem to be working (and it really does work) at the beginning of it but later on both realizes that it won’t work anymore. Also the music is about the feeling of it, when you are in a relationship with someone you really care about and in a blink of an eye it starts to fade away and sink, about how they both don’t seem to care about each other anymore.”

Born in Guarapuava in Brazil, Roberto took his hand to music at the age of eight, and by ten Roberto was performing in front of audiences. This gift later propelled Roberto through the early stages of The Voice Brasil, and has aided Roberto’s poignant songwriting.