Robbi Niles’ Havana’ is perfect to bring you into a good mood

"Sometimes the best music is created when it is not planned"
18 April 2023

Robbi Niles‘ journey with music started when he was just three years old, growing up on the beautiful island of Barbados. He began playing the tenor steel pan and has been pursuing his passion ever since.

Ever since, he’s experimented with playing various instruments – saxophone, piano, drums and guitar.

Robbi has certainly come a long way since his humble beginnings. His expertise in guitar, composition, lyrics and production has enabled him to create a fanbase of its own with his unique sound and memorable hooks which can be heard on his latest single Havana.

With the soul-stirring rhythms of Afrobeats and Afro house, Havana takes Robbi on a journey of discovering a new love interest.

Robbi shared more on the new single: “Sometimes the best music is created when it is not planned. The idea of this song was born at an impromptu writing session for another project I was working on. After I had created the sample, I left it for approximately three weeks until I was sure which music direction I wanted to pursue. Once I knew Afrobeats was the genre I wanted to create, I then formulated a plan to execute Havana.”

His amazing vocals and catchy melodies make it hard to resist this track. Havana is a testimony of Robbi Nilesi‘s production expertise. He did it all by himself and it’s perfect to get you in the right mood.