Ro Nova revealed ‘Echo’, setting her on an ever-upward trajectory

She makes us confident that she’ll not only be fine, she’s thriving
26 November 2023

By Ella Gaynor

Echo, the self-produced single by synth-pop sensation Ro Nova, is the second in a new collection of tracks from the artist. Following the release of the end-of-summer anthem Summertime Can’t Save Me, the artist is amassing already-legendary tracks for her debut EP, expected sometime next year.

The fresh new star has collaborated with artists like MNEK, Raye, Toddla T., and electronic legend Schiller, setting her on an ever-upward trajectory, her fan base spreading out from London, across Europe and beyond.

The Echo video is a self-directed journey to empowerment. The footage at the start of the song shows the artist years younger than she is now, and there are hints at a breakup. The pop lyrics start slow, giving that dreamy, Lana del Rey quality.

Steady beats keep time in the background, building to a dance drop of a chorus that gives this track its hook. As the song unfolds, Ro Nova’s energy, vocal and physical, picks up pace with it. Ro Nova makes us confident that she’ll not only be fine, she’s thriving. 

This upbeat, easy club track has a whole lot of heart. if we become the things we choose / will you recognise me soon?’ It’s giving transformation, big solo energy. In the spirit of Miley Cyrus’ Flowers, Ro Nova doesn’t need anyone but herself, her Echo.

Not only that, she gives her listeners the power to understand the same for themselves. Ro Nova creates a distinct sound by blending pop worlds, combining 80s synth with her signature, ethereal vocals. Her individual style was instantly recognised and her debut single, do you think it’s fine?, was released to critical acclaim. 

Stream Echo on Spotify now, check out her dreamy music video (above), and follow the artist’s socials (@ronovamusic) to keep in the loop!