RIVRSLondon based project RIVRS – led by Charlotte Mallory and Finn Munro – talk to FM about their new 5 track EP ‘Falling’ (out now via Atlantic Records). A collection of slickly sultry, electro-pop pearls, “about the first stage of a relationship – lust and obsession developing into love and Trust…” Here’s the aptly lush video for the EP’s standout track ‘Falling’.

Hello RIVRS! How’s your day so far?

Good!…we’re just getting ready to film a live video tomorrow.

First up…Can you reveal the reason why you decided to call your project RIVRS?

We love the imagery it evokes. Then we removed the letter ‘e’ to give the word some symmetry.

Tell us everything we should know about your track ‘Falling’.

It’s about the “should I, shouldn’t I” feeling you get at the beginning of a relationship. It’s about allowing yourself ‘fall’ and how scary that is – giving yourself emotionally to someone.

And your rather hot video….Any behind the scenes stories for us?

We tried to make it sexy, but in reality it’s not that sexy dancing in front of a camera and loads of people in a cold room.

Can you present your new track ‘Something About You’?

It’s about how a loved one can make even the hardest days worth it.

What were your influences and vibes whilst writing it?

I had the phrase ‘something about you’ in my head for a while and the mood felt right for it. We started with the piano riff and it took us three days to write it cause we wanted the lyrics to be as meaningful as possible. RIVRS1How did you form?

We met at a house party and started making music together three years after meeting. Listening to Grimes got me [Charlotte] into songwriting and I shared the songs with Fin and we produced them up and started writing together.

What are your dreams and goals?

To be happy and never satisfied.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Musically we’re inspired by The Cure, Depeche Mode, Everything But The Girl, Banks and Purity Ring. Artistically we’re inspired by Bob Carlos Clarke, Anthony Gormley, And Tim Burton.

Are you planning any live shows and what will they be like?

We’re playing our night ‘Strangelove’ on the 15th September at the Red Gallery in East London. We’ve also just confirmed CuckooLander and D/C to play and a DJ set by Oscar with more to come.


By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FM