Rising star Loome shakes up alt-pop scene with galvanizing single ‘MARS’

"I was watching the movie 300 the night before and it obviously seeped into my brain along with some recent relationship struggles"
26 March 2024

Emerging from Suffolk, Tomas Frankson, with his intriguing project Loome, has captivated listeners with his distinct approach to alternative pop. His innovative and refreshing musical style has quickly garnered attention, positioning him as a promising new artist to watch.

As a tantalizing introduction to his upcoming debut album, the lead single MARS serves as an ideal introduction. This track, released via Ambient Lux, combines pulsating synths, solid beats, and gritty guitar riffs to create a rich sonic landscape for Loome’s smooth, refined vocals. It’s an alt-pop gem that is as catchy as it is moving.

Produced and recorded by Loome, the track exemplifies his knack for crafting immersive and innovative soundscapes. His skill as a multi-instrumentalist and producer shines as he effortlessly blends diverse elements into a unique sound signature.

Lyrically, MARS draws inspiration from Greek mythology and personal experiences. According to Loome, the creation of the song was a spontaneous process, influenced by a mix of watching the movie ‘300’ and navigating recent relationship struggles. It’s a narrative on how anger can transform a person and how love can emerge from chaos.

Loome explains: “This song felt so natural to write & produce. It was one of those tracks that I didn’t intentionally sit-down to write, it just happened and when I looked up (notably happier) there it was. The lyrics are inspired by Greek mythology…I was watching the movie 300 the night before and it obviously seeped into my brain along with some recent relationship struggles. These are themed around how anger can change someone’s personality and how love can be felt at the most turbulent times.”

Loome’s fresh blend of alternative pop has earned him a coveted spot on Spotify’s Editorial playlists such as Peach, Alt-Pop, New Music Friday, and the prestigious Fresh Finds: Pop. Moreover, his presence has been strongly felt across the UK, with numerous radio plays and a notable feature on BBC Introducing. It’s clear that Loome’s music is not just heard; it’s experienced.

Music aficionados in search of fresh, unique sounds should take note of Loome. Far from merely following current alt-pop trends, he’s at the vanguard, actively shaping the genre’s future.