Rising star Jake Beck brings out a catchy rock anthem entitled ‘CAVEMAN’

"The song captures the primal energy and wild spirit of human existence"
26 May 2023

Jake Beck, the rising star of alt-rock, has just dropped his new single called CAVEMAN, and it’s an absolute bang! In his own words, he describes the new compelling tune like: A pure high energy good vibes banger to turn your bad feelings into good feelings”

Jake Beck talked about his latest single, saying: “The song is a testament to the enduring human spirit, celebrating our innate desire for connection, expression, and transformation. The song captures the primal energy and wild spirit of human existence, encouraging listeners to embrace their inner caveman and unleash their wildest desires.”

He has this cool mix of alternative rock and an eclectic style that is his own, Jake’s songs are getting a lot of attention from listeners everywhere.

For his latest song CAVEMAN, he worked with Gavin Brown, one of the leading producers in the music business. Brown has helped create incredible hits by well-known artists like Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Metric and Tragically Hip.

CAVEMAN is a great indie rock song that will take you on a voyage through time with its fascinating and exhilarating sound. It’s one of those catchy rock anthems that will stay in your head for long!

Since 2021, Toronto’s Jake Beck has made a name for himself in the music industry with his skills as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Jake Beck has created a unique sound that blends both classic and modern elements, demonstrating that his music is timeless.