Rising Pop Sensation WILL CALLAN Cuts Deep In New Single WASTE OF YOU

16 year-old rising pop sensation Will Callan has released a brand new single, Waste of You

A tender heartfelt ballad, the single is Will’s most stripped back arrangement to date, consisting entirely of piano and Will’s sublime vocals. Looking at a relationship coming to an end, whilst delicate in  arrangement, the lyrics and vocal performance in Waste of You cut deep. “Hope someday you’re hurting as much as I do, hate to say it baby what a waste of you” Will sings as he recounts the feelings of someone letting go of something good. As the arpeggiated piano part and vocals intertwine, the song builds into a beautiful tension, leaving you hanging onto every word. It’s an exceptional piece of pop songcraft with a lyrical quality that seems far beyond his years. 

On the single Will said: Waste Of You shows a different side to my songwriting with a slightly slower tempo. The song is about someone who is in a good relationship, but doesn’t appreciate what they have. Some people are always trying to find their perfect match…but who’s perfect, right?” Will continues “In a relationship, you shouldn’t feel bad for your partner’s mistakes. You saw the good in them in the first place, so it’s not your fault if they waste that for themselves. It’s a reminder that although they might not know it yet, they may have just lost the best relationship they‘ll ever have. Sometimes all you can do is stand back and reflect on what actually happened. I hope that people can relate with the emotion that comes across in the song.”