RinaLondon-based, Japanese bewitching singer, producer and Politics graduate Rina Sawayama, shares ‘Where U Are’, a sultrily shimmering RnB tune about loneliness and alienation in a digital age…The modern love of Tinder, catfishing, sexting.

The modish video was co-directed by Rina alongside filmmaker Ali Kurr.

Ri explains: “‘​​​As much as ‘Where U Are’ is about online relationships with others, it’s also about the online relationship you have with yourself. We live in a culture of self-surveillance that makes us forget who we really are, and what we really should be doing with our time. We want to be where they are, where future-you will be, where past-you was, but not pay attention to where you are now. Ali & I were inspired by Essena O’Neill’s recent departure from social media, alongside artists such as Petra Collins and Arvida Byström, whose work deals with online female insecurity.​”​

Rina adds: “Whether you’re doing long distance, or meeting people on a dating app, being catfished, or sexting- the characteristics of an online-based relationship are super interesting to me. Online you can present your best edited self, and bypass lots of the messiness and awkwardness that comes with real human interactions. Your overheating phone substitutes human warmth. Weirdest of all- you’re together, but also very alone”.Rina Sawayama2ICYMI here’s the stylish Arvida Byström-directed video for previous release ​’Tunnel Vision’.

‘Where U Are’ is set for release alongside ‘Tunnel Vision’ later this year as part of the ‘Alone Together’ EP.


Photography by Agnes Lloyd-Platt