VOGUE cover girl Rihanna looks amazing in the cover shoot by Annie Leibovitz and she talks about ‘fame, family and how she really feels about her curves’ and how she has been getting into shape for her role in film Battleship.
Rihanna points out three women sitting together who have identical blonde hairstyles and quickly reads them: “That one’s the mother,” she says. “The one next to her is her daughter, and then next to her is the daughter’s best friend.” She sneaks another look. “The daughter got the haircut first, and the other two copied her.” Pause. “They’re like three matching Barbies.” And then, out of nowhere, she switches into a dead-on omigod Valley Girl accent.
“I love reading people,” she tells me later. “I really enjoy watching, observing, and being able to figure out a person, the reason they wore that dress, the reason they smell the way they do.”

Her perceptiveness in some ways acts as a shield, because as provocative as Rihanna can be, there is something tough and guarded about her. As her label chairman and CEO, L.A. Reid, says, “She became a star before she became an adult. Her nature is to protect herself.” Here at the game, for instance, what the cameras and fans can’t see is the very fine gold chain around her neck with a teeny-tiny charm dangling from it that says F*** YOU.
It is exactly this aspect of her personality—the playful badass—that landed Rihanna her first acting gig, a role in Battleship, the $200 million summer action movie based on the Hasbro game and directed by the actor turned director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights).

Also starring Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, and Brooklyn Decker, the film follows an American fleet that encounters an armada helmed by aliens and engages in a no-doubt totally awesome, save-the-world battle at sea.

(Not scheduled to be released until May 2012, it is already making waves: Avatar director James Cameron has said that its board game–based premise “degrades the cinema.” When I ask Berg about that criticism, he replies, “I’m a huge fan of James Cameron, and as always, I thank him for his support.”)